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October 27, 2020

Great Talent Development is Future Success.

Due to the continued conditions, we will have a virtual conference. Having made that decision, we’re making a little change to this request. Those of you who have already requested will be contacted with more details from the Conference Speaker Chair. Those of you who have not yet submitted a proposal, please read this updated request.

You are invited to send in your proposal to present at the ATD Houston 2020 Talent Development Conference and Expo, Houston’s premier talent development event. This request provides you the information to submit your request and share your knowledge and experience with the talent development influencers in Houston and the surrounding region. 

Note that the changes made are in the submission timeline and in the conference tracks.

Submission Timeline

  • Friday, Aug 7, 2020 (11:59pm): Proposals are due.
  • They must be uploaded to https://tdhouston.wufoo.com/forms/2020-conference-breakout-speaker/ by that time.
  • August 17, 2020: Those submitting proposals will be notified of the final decisions.
  • September 1, 2020: Selected presenters must provide the presentation and participant materials to the ATD Houston Conference Committee

Reasons to Submit Your Proposal

  • Receive a complimentary event registration if selected to present (one per presentation).
  • Earn Speaker points towards your APTD or CPTD.
  • Make your gifts and talent visible to your peers.
  • Promote your personal theories and ideas that have resulted in success.
  • Give back to the community that has helped you grow.

Tips for Being Selected

  • Make sure your presentation and Q&A fits within the 60-minutes you’ll be given.
  • Clearly demonstrate how you’ll enhance attendee capabilities in one of the conference tracks.
  • Show in your submission elements of attendee participation.
  • Convince the reviewers that attendees will be able to apply something nearly immediately as a result of that hour with you.

Conference Tracks

Views of Talent Development

These are presentations that strengthen attendee capability in one or two of the capabilities (see ATD Capabilities Model below. They will be 40 minute online presentations plus Question & Answer time, for a maximum 50 minutes.

Creating Personal Growth

This track includes two presentations.

In the first presentation, the presenter focuses on one or two capabilities of the ATD Capability Model and explores how to improve those capabilities with participants. During the presentation, attendees will be given a designed challenge to do something during the week demonstrating use of the ideas shared.

In the second presentation, the presenter allows two or three participants who followed through with the challenge to share their results. The presenter will be given time for a debrief.

Both presentations will have 50 minutes allotted to them.


For this track, two experienced ATD leaders answer questions. The questions are those provided by participants before the conference and those provided during the session.

Each mentoring presentation is focused on one of the ATD Capabilities.

After the presentation, attendees are provided access to a chat room to continue the conversation and network with the other presentation attendees as they focus on developing a capability.

Sessions will last 50 minutes.

When selecting this track, please share the ATD Capabilities you are strongest in and justify your experience and expertise.

Have I Got a Deal for You!

In this track we’re allowing companies and consultants to share information about their products. We’re focused on two approaches:

Vendors have products for use by independent consultants, but the independent consultants have no idea about these products they could represent.Vendors can connect with company leaders at this conference and share information about their products.

Vendors are given up to 30 minutes to provide information about their product.

Sponsors of ATD Houston and this 2020 Conference and Exposition will be given priority for the slots made available in this track.

The ATD Capability Model

We emphasize use of the ATD Capability Model. Reviewers will reference that model when evaluating your submissions.

For the View of Talent Development and Creating Personal Growth tracks, consider working with the ATD Capability Model as discussed below. For the Mentors! track, discuss your expertise in terms of the capabilities.

Building Personal Capability

Provide a facilitated session that strengthens attendee capability in one or two of the seven personal capabilities.

• Give examples of successful displays of the capability.

• Share a strategy that attendees can use to build that capability in their careers.

Impacting Organizational Capability

Present a case study demonstrating successful implementation of one or two of the organizational capabilities.

• Discuss the key decisions made and their impact on the implementation.

• Present the evaluation methodology and results of the implementation.

Developing Professional Capability

Share an implementation that demonstrates the relevance of one of the professional capabilities.

• Explain the theories supporting the capability being discussed.

• Demonstrate a strategic use of the capability, with discussion of its impact on the individual and the organization.

Talent Development, 2025

Paint a picture of Talent Development in 2025.

• Show, through data, one or more likely scenarios facing Talent Development.

• Provide career ideas for attendees related to the given scenarios.

Act Now

Several ATD members made their first conference presentations with less than five years’ experience. All you need is something worthy to share and a great way to share it. That said, here’s an offer to those of you who have never presented. If you desire a pep talk or coaching session to get create a submission, send an email to speakerchair@tdhouston.org.

Those with questions related to this RFP may also email  speakerchair@tdhouston.org for answers to those questions.

Remember That Due Date


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