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Tell Stories That Teach: A Basic Framework for
Engaging Learner Attention and Emotion

As learning designers, our job is to inspire curiosity and empowerment in our learners. Stories are excellent tools to achieve this: they trigger key emotions necessary for audiences to take action, they activate critical thinking, and they are so compelling that they rise above the noise of conventional learning approaches. Stories have a unique power to convey profound truths about our world and our place in it.

Learn the basics of what makes stories so compelling and self-motivating, as well as how to translate this skill to design training programs that truly inspire change.

Keynote Speaker: Richard FlemingCreative Director at Sage Media

As a story designer and the lead Creative Director at Sage Media, Richard combines filmmaking with instructional design to make training films that speak to the hearts and minds of learners - commanding audience attention and engaging learner emotions.

Richard is a veteran storyteller who has worked on everything from feature films to reality TV to Super Bowl ads. His approach to content development blends film theory, andragogy, and behavioral psychology with organizational and leadership development. Richard’s approach to human capital development has helped twenty Fortune 500 companies make and save millions of dollars through more effective training, reduced turnover, and higher employee satisfaction.

Make it stick: Engagement strategies for effective learning

With the increasing need for your digital learning to breakthrough and be memorable, how can you ensure your learners remember your message? Try looking to a field that does this well: marketing. If advertisers can get people to recall information they don't even need, how can you use these techniques to ignite action amongst your learners?

In this interactive session you’ll learn the four key techniques that marketers use to make their messages stick. You’ll explore the role of message visualization, drama, emotions and compelling text. You’ll examine both marketing and training examples in order to apply the concepts to your own digital learning solutions.

In this session, you will learn:

  1. The power of visually depicting your message
  2. How to effectively use humor in learning solutions
  3. The best methods to harness emotions amongst learners to help messages stick
  4. The impact of concise text / How to write concise text

Danielle Wallace is the Chief Learning Strategist at Beyond the Sky: Custom Learning. Previously, as a marketing leader with Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo, she learned strategic marketing principles which she now applies to learning and development to create compelling breakthrough solutions. Danielle is a sought after speaker at global conferences and her thought leadership is found in numerous industry magazines and publications. Her monthly free infographics and tips can be found at www.beyondthesky.ca.

Making eLearning Magic with Adobe Captivate

There are a standard set of interactions we all learn how to create in Adobe Captivate. Our learners are impressed the first few times they see these interactions. But what about when they are seeing these interactions for the tenth time? What can we do to improve our interactions to keep learners engaged?

In this session, you will learn how to take your Adobe Captivate advanced interactions from drab to fab. We will start with learning how you can improve your click to reveal interactions to make them look like 3D flip cards like what’s offered in a competing product. You will also learn how to create a content carousel that presents content to your learners using a cool animated effect. Next, we will learn how to build an information wheel that works off a single click to progress through the information. Lastly, we will learn how to build a knowledge check slide that doesn’t use the in-built question slides that learners have seen a thousand times before. You will leave this session with new tools to put in your eLearning toolbelt that will make your eLearning look like magic.

Paul Wilson eLearning Designer, Developer - CaptivateTeacher.com

Paul Wilson has been an instructional designer since 2005. After 10 years, he decided to start his own company. To help promote his business, Paul began to create Adobe Captivate video tutorials on YouTube to attract potential clients looking for a skilled designer. Paul has worked with clients from all over the globe, helping them build highly engaging eLearning solutions. Paul’s YouTube channel presented an additional benefit of attracting aspiring Captivate developers to seek him out as an instructor. As of 2019, Paul’s YouTube channel has over 1.5 million views and over 13,000 subscribers.

Remote First: Learning through Disruption, Thriving through Change

Every organization's work and development were massively disrupted in 2020 and 2021. As work inches back toward "normal", it's clear that the new normal should include planning for flexibility. No organization that has switched to VILT or eLearning on a dime can overlook the significant costs in terms of time, money, and quality... and no one wants to do it again. Future training initiatives must account for the possibility that in-person work and learning will be interrupted – and that same planning opens a world of possibilities for training employees and customers across time zones and across the globe.

In this session, we will explore how forward-thinking organizations can make the shift to a "remote first" mindset, leveraging new approaches and learning technologies to support and develop learners through global and local disruptions. While many practitioners have been promoting the benefits of online methods of training and learning in our organizations for years (if not decades), it's now clearer than ever that the goal should not be about trying to make online events measure up to in-person ones. Rather, the goal should be to ensure that an organization can weather interruptions in the worst of times... and realize the significant advantages of remote learning and training even in the best of times.

We will explore using technology and techniques for complex skills development and knowledge retention such as guided practice, simulation, adaptive content, and spaced repetition. Finally, we will show how mobile applications and xAPI hold the key to documenting capabilities and performance.

Disruptions occur. New opportunities arise. As humans and as learning and development professionals, we can adapt, recognize lessons learned, and put them into long-term practice.

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of adaptive learning and spaced repetition
  • Outline how instruction adaptivity can be shaped by student data
  • Explain how xAPI can be used to support personalized learning
  • Identify data points useful to optimize and evaluate the user experience.
  • Discuss student and content factors that can influence content delivery and timing.
  • Assess the impact of data design in the future of content development

Duncan Welder, Director of Client Services at RISC Inc, Learning Solution & Design xAPI & cmi5 Enthusiast

Duncan Welder is a director of client services for RISC. He is an educational technology geek, having spent over 20 years implementing learning management systems, domestically and abroad, to manage regulatory compliance. As an xAPI evangelist with a career grounded in instructional design and eLearning, Duncan has provided presentations to professional organizations including the Connections Forum, The eLearning Guild, and the Association for Talent Development. 

Onboarding in A Virtual World: Experiential Adult Learning combined with an Agility Mindset

Just like most things the past couple of years, employee onboarding has gone virtual. Office-based employees are working from home. In-person services are becoming digital. Whole industries are transforming to serve customers via new distribution channels, and companies hiring new talent or shifting current employees into different roles are faced with another new normal: virtual onboarding.

As people navigate this whiplash pace of change, shifting strategies, and virtual ways of working, new joiners or existing employees taking on new roles must be ready to work independently the moment they arrive. This can only happen with effective virtual onboarding.

In this session we explore best practices and methodologies for maximizing your virtual onboarding processes and equipping your new employees (or current ones adopting new responsibilities) with the tools they need to begin contributing on day one. North Highland’s Nakeisha Brown and Valarie Minor share tactical tips to help you navigate this new norm and set your new hires up for success from the start.


Nakeisha is a Prosci™ Certified Senior Organizational Change Manager (OCM), leading enterprise transformational change programs at North Highland, the world’s leading transformation consultancy. She has built her career around putting people at the heart of every decision. Nakeisha is an Adult Learning Expert with 20 years of experience developing and delivering end-to-end organizational change management through people and culture to facilitate firm-wide transformations. As a change manager, she leads teams to identify and implement solutions, as well as operationalize people, processes, systems, and technologies, to overcome organizations’ unique and complex challenges.


Valerie is an experienced Change Manager and an evolving agilist. Valerie has over 20 years of experience in financial services, operations, professional services, and non-profit leadership. She is the leader of North Highland’s Agile Change offering and since 2015 has integrated Agile mindsets and approaches with proven change management practices. Valerie’s practice focuses on collaboration and eliminating silos to foster people-centered ways of working. Other consulting areas include project management, business case development, merger and integration activity, Human Resources service design and delivery. Valerie is a Prosci® Certified Change Manager, Project Manager and a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Program Consultant.


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