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  • CTN Southeast: Thought Barriers to Personal and Organizational Improvement

CTN Southeast: Thought Barriers to Personal and Organizational Improvement

  • June 21, 2016
  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Fox & Hound, 12802 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77034 - (281)481-0068


  • Open to everyone at no cost

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Take the Online Pre-Survey:  Do you occasionally struggle with meeting goals, adopting healthy behaviors, or managing change? Find out if your thinking is creating barriers to improvement by completing this pre-survey. Then, join us for the session to see the results and learn more!


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Topic:  Thought barriers to improvement are a significant issue for goal attainment and organizational bottom lines. Over time, our thoughts and behaviors have adapted to traditional, top-down, systematized organizational and social environments. A traditional bottom-line organization prioritizes deadlines and quotas and deemphasizes personal creativity and autonomy. A key success measure becomes our ability to dampen individual needs and increase efficiency through mechanization. Eventually our thinking and behavior becomes tuned primarily toward a problem/solution perspective.

In addition, our brain is highly efficient and repeatedly uses pre-built pathways for problem solving. This automated response can occur even when the solution pathway does not accurately fit the problem. When combined with a problem/solution orientation,we are somewhat destined to replicate the same thought/feeling/behavior patterns time and time again. Unfortunately, the concepts of purpose, creativity, autonomy and personal well-being are often considered abstract and implausible in today’s traditional work place.

This session will explore the juxtaposition of traditional bottom-line methods and the modern concepts of individual purpose, creativity, autonomy and well-being. Join us and learn how we, as individuals, can begin to improve our own goal attainability. Learn about the inherent power of our thoughts, how to identify hidden thought barriers, and incorporate thought design into a change strategy. We will also review foundational concepts of purpose, mastery and behavioral esteem development. These are powerful tools towards fulfilling our needs and wants, and achieving personal and organizational well-being.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Understand cognitive and behavioral concepts and recognize that our thinking can create automated barriers to change
  • Identify differences between traditional and modern concepts and translate these concepts across individual, organizational, and social levels
  • Utilize simple methods that stimulate individual awareness of personal barriers to change
ATD Competency Model - Area of Expertise This Session Supports:   Performance Improvement and Managing Learning Programs

Speaker:  Karen is currently the CEO and Founder of StratWell Enterprises and the Wellness Program Director for the Foundation for Financial Wellness. Karen specializes in personal and organizational behavior change, wellbeing/wellness training and education. Karen incorporates motivational training, education and support to identify, evaluate, and replace personal barriers to change. Her behavior change methodologies aim to:

  • Increase an individual’s receptiveness to, and perceptions of, goal attainability
  • Stimulate an individual’s awareness of, and knowledge about, building behavioral esteem
  • Facilitate the development of self-directed action steps toward improved wellbeing

Karen is an experienced leader, educator and speaker with thirty plus years of systems and personal improvement expertise. Karen’s career spans organizational and individual behavior change, modern well-being, traditional wellness, program/project management, engineering, medicine, and private business. Karen’s background includes NASA wellness program design and management, engineering at NASA and Lockheed Martin, clinical medicine and biomedical research at Georgetown University and the National Institutes of Health.

Karen has presented a broad range of topics with varying levels of complexity across several industries including human resources, healthcare, engineering and science, state and county workforce boards, corporate, government, academic organizations and more.


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