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  • CTN Southeast: Create a Culture for Growth and Flourishment

CTN Southeast: Create a Culture for Growth and Flourishment

  • January 17, 2017
  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Las Haciendas, 12933 Gulf Freeway, Houston TX 77034


  • Open to everyone at no cost

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Please note the location has changed!

Las Haciendas, 12933 Gulf Freeway, Houston TX 77034
Google maps:  https://goo.gl/maps/nwWrEmq2nww

Topic:  Creating a culture and developing a team to be of growth and flourishment requires re-thinking every step of the talent development experience. Instead of thinking of putting the right people on the bus, consider your organization as a garden that is prepared and maintained to empower growth, minimize weeds and resource stealers, develop and complement talents, and produce for now and the future. Using the analogy of a garden, the entire process is evaluated: job posting, interviewing, positioning for success, professional development, leadership, management, corrective actions and ongoing success.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Consider different perspectives of organizational culture and processes as they relate to talent development.
  2. Learn ways to improve organizational culture throughout the continuum of the talent development and management process, i.e. job posting, interviewing, hiring, start-up phase, professional development, corrective actions and more.
  3. Find the time and talent wasters in your culture and processes, and weed them out.
  4. Learn concepts for organizing committees, selecting team members and arranging offices for improved performance.

ATD Competency Model - Area of Expertise This Session Supports:   Performance Improvement and • Integrated Talent Management

Speaker:  Dion McInnis served in leadership positions in university advancement for four universities over nearly three decades. He has developed many unique, successful approaches to team development, management, fundraising, external relations, facilitation and sales. He now serves as consultant and coach. His programs, as well as his writing and photography, are based on three steps: see differently, change perspectives, and grow authentically.

While in higher education, he raised millions of dollars, engaged thousands of members, empowered hundreds of volunteers, facilitated scores of committees, and orchestrated dozens of events…all of them, one friend at a time. He brings to organizations the lessons learned in those experiences in meaningful, easily understood ways; he brings to individuals the empowerment to find and utilize their creativity in any situation.

Dion finds wisdom in everyday stories and uses them to guide, inspire, teach and engage. For example, he has used for years the story of an interaction with a shoeshine man to teach sales and fundraising; stories about homeless and beggars to provide insights into marketing and messaging; and, childhood stories involving several of his friends to teach leadership principles. He also offers free “Make It Happen Monday” sessions for nonprofit leaders and fundraisers to help improve nonprofits’ success and ability to serve the community.

He has authored several books, including “Daddin’: The Verb of Being a Dad,” “Listen to Life: Wisdom in Life’s Stories,” and “The Seeing, Not the Taking: A Guide to Seeing for Photographers.” His 13th book, titled “Empowered Creativity In All Your Life” is due in late 2016.


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