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  • CTN Downtown: Building High Performance Teams To Maximize Innovation

CTN Downtown: Building High Performance Teams To Maximize Innovation

  • May 16, 2017
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Little Bigs, 4621 Montrose Houston, TX 77006


  • Open to everyone at no cost

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Note:  Location change!

INNOVATION is now recognized as the single most important ingredient in any modern economy. The ultimate aim of creative initiative is to clarify, resolve, provide superior solutions, and to improve the competence of the organization at all levels. Innovation is the process of creativity and encouraging behaviors designed to generate and implement new ideas, processes, products and services. A creative culture begins with unleashing of the imaginative potentials within individuals. Organizations must be able to nurture creativity and innovation through explosive Employee Engagement, Culture and Collaboration.

  • The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – EVP Strategy puts the burden on the company to offer the work, opportunities, culture and benefits of greatest value to the employee. Attracting and retaining the talent needed for business performance will be challenging enough. Making engagement happen is the ultimate objective. Employee Engagement Index (EEI) - Companies that engage and empower their workforce are better positioned to anticipate and adapt to changing market conditions. EEI is the Employees’ willingness and passion to perform at peak levels to contribute to overall company success and attainment of goals. Engagement, as opposed to satisfaction, translates directly into discretionary effort—the willingness to do more than only meet job requirements and customer needs. Employee engagement is the extent to which employees are motivated to contribute to business success, and are willing to apply discretionary effort to accomplishing tasks important to the achievement of stated business goals. Leadership is about creating the environment and culture that motivates people to perform at sustained peak levels every day. Universal key words of engagement: Passion, Commitment, Significance (Motivation+Impact), Happiness, Alignment.
  • Culture - There is no question that inspired employees equal engaged employees and engaged employees can and do have the power to transform the workplace culture. Create a culture where ‘everyone is a leader’ – Holocratic organization - a ‘shared leadership’ approach. Leaders who create an environment where sharing is rewarded naturally create inspired teams. Create a culture where anyone can be a Change Leader. Inspiring Employees to ‘be the transformers’ will empower them to champion the changes towards a shared VISION. Involve them in the vision – Every single person wants to feel that there is a reason to work and add individual contribution. Work/Life Integration - In the past leaders and companies believed that employees should be just thankful to have a job. Now and in the future the power is shifting to the employee and it is the employer that has become thankful for its employees. Employees who get the vision of the com pany, who understand the impact that the company makes on people and who can make the link as to how he or she fits in with the big picture are truly inspired employees.
  • Connection/Collaboration. Five Generations in the Workforce. Corporate leaders need to know how to build a collaborative community that truly inspires and engages our multigenerational workforce. Organizations must create working environments that support day-to-day collaboration and allow junior employees to use their technological connectedness to enrich their work and share new ideas to solve customer or client challenges. All levels of employees must learn to harnessing the power of relationships and networks created by employees' individual drive and innovative intelligence to transform workplaces designed to maximize productive relationships and connect people and their ideas, resources and creativity. Drive Change through TECHNOLOGY and SERVICES. Believe in the Network of society. Every single person must understand how to transform the workplace. Leaders must overtly ask them to champion the changes that they and you want to see happen. Be ready to provide grow th opportunities, ongoing training and development and encourage mentoring as part of being change leaders. Millennials surveyed said that they would stay longer on a job if their leaders gave them ongoing challenges that helped them to grow and learn as much as they could in a short period of time.

ATD Competency Model - Area of Expertise This Session Supports:  Performance Improvement,  Learning Technologies, Managing Learning Programs,  Integrated Talent Management, Coaching, Knowledge Management, Change Management

Speaker:   Casey Sykes is an Expert Talent Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Leadership Mentor and Author with over twenty years of hands-on experience:

  • Leading Sales Teams within the financial services sector;
  • Building collaborative teams of top-tier talent for growth-minded organizations;
  • Cultivating leadership skills and innovative mindsets for all levels of employees;
  • Casey is a dedicated, trustworthy business partner to organizations to provide comprehensive workplace management solutions. Clients learn to:
  • Maximize human potential through cultivation of leadership skills for full employee engagement at all levels.
  • Trainer for leaders, hiring managers and teams of employees -the essential development of focused thinking to create lasting leadership skills.

Owner/Operator of a successful Houston-based recruiting firm of 18 years. Perform leadership training that includes Sales, Customer Service, Innovation and Hiring Strategies. Author of two inspirational books about character, leadership and living a purposeful life from the inside out. Extensive history of success in empowering people to become more purpose driven leaders that engage in bigger conversations, take braver risks, create habits for lasting results. Every interaction is targeted at development of a values-based core that directs true leadership. Individuals learn the specifics of focus and effectiveness, including communication, collaboration, innovation and mentoring.

I work with individuals and organizations who want to be the best in their industry. We aim to help management realize that they can meet their goals, including achieving record profits, by empowering and properly training their people to be enthusiastically responsible for the success of the organization in a sustainable way. We have a broad history of talent acquisition, training, retention, coaching and transforming businesses to significantly impact the overall development of individuals and success of organizations.


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